Make calls while iPhone is locked

Make calls while iPhone is locked

Make calls while iPhone is locked

Yes i’m Right you can call while anyone iPhone is locked not only calls even you can do Whatsapp calls

Whatsapp Messages also normal Messages. this is big loop hole to leak anyone personal information there is

easy way to get anyone your business or personal contact by just send them a message and say that my phone battery

about to die please call me at this example 36837338787837 its very urgent your contact will definitely call on that number

watch this video till end i willl show you how to protect your iPhone from this Loop Hole Please support me and Subscribe my Youtube  channel  Silicon Squad

this blog hacked 9 times because i try to protect people from tech support scam by this article Will Microsoft ever call me

now i try to make my this blog more secure please support us by share that blog.

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