Is Whatsapp down? Users reporting problems across the world

Is Whatsapp down? Users reporting problems across the world

Thousands of Whatsapp users are experiencing difficulties reporting problems on New Year Night

Thousands of Whatsapp users are experiencing difficultiesreporting problems  tonight after reports that the messaging app is down. uses a map to illustrate where in the world WhatsApp and other popular sites and social media platforms are experiencing connectivity problems.

According to the independent website problem have spread to various parts in the UK and Europe also Asia- with people in Liverpool and across Merseyside claiming they are having connection problems on Indian Time 00:01 1 Jan 2018.

This comes at a particularly bad time for party goers as people begin their New Year celebrations. Some were speculating that it could be due to the share number of people trying to send messages to loved ones.

One WhatsApp user said: “You can’t blame WhatsApp everyone around the world is trying to send happy new year messages, years ago it used to be Vodafone who couldn’t cope with the traffic. It’ll be fine tomorrow.”

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